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Fast & easy

Selling your property to Mike McGuire is a hassle-free way of selling an As Is property


Any condition or situation

You’ll have peace of mind when you sell your property to Mike McGuire. Regardless of the condition—or your situation—you will be treated with respect and care

Sell your property now

Why wait?! Mike wants to buy your property. He is aggressively buying properties in the St. Louis area

Mike McGuire buys real estate “As Is” in the St. Louis area. Whether you’re selling your own property, or you’re responsible for selling another person’s real estate, Mike McGuire will buy your property now, as is, with a fast closing.

Put Mike McGuire’s 25 years of expertise in the as-is market to work for you! He's invested in and/or helped others, sell hundreds of As Is properties. Whether it's helping long-term home owners, adult children selling the homes of loved ones, people handling estates, attorneys, bankers, investors and many other of life’s transitions, Mike’s caring and respectful attitude toward your situation helps ease the burden for you. He can help turn your real estate problem into a success.