Sell As-Is St. Louis
Sell As-Is St. Louis
We buy real estate in any condition for CA$H 314-707-4780
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Selling As Is

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in with your property, we can help.  We provide fast, reliable service that will take you out of your problem properties as quickly as possible and for the highest amount of money that we can offer.

The Offer

The offer will be As Is.  We take on all of the problems associated with it.  You will have peace of mind. You don't even have to clean it or remove any unwanted stuff.  We also will deal with any problem tenants, too.   Call us for a free, no obligation appointment.

I was pleased to receive a note in the mail expressing interest in my aunt’s home. She had gone into a nursing home and I wanted to sell the property quickly. I called Michael and set up a time for him to see the house. Michael and his partner came by to look at the property, and I had a contract for my aunt to review very shortly. My aunt accepted the contract and the closing took place soon (3 weeks) after. The price was reasonable and the entire process was timely, just as I had hoped it would go. I was concerned I would not be able to sell the property at all as the real estate market was so bad, but things went very well with Sell As Is.

Karen Turner
St. Louis, Mo